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   Specializing in, chronic pain, and trauma, (1/2 hr sessions recommended) although can customize to each clients needs. I am happy to share these sessions have had great results.  

     Maybe you are just wanting a massage, relaxing, deep tissue and the coaching not your thing, rest assured each session is unique to each client .  Trouble with our conscious self can be hard to diagnose, and harder to treat. That’s where I come in—to teach and provide you with tools that aid your healing journey.

      The connection between Mind, Body, and Spirit are most definitely connected in ways we may never know. If you are here for just a "massage" maybe that person who you refer is deep down looking for the tools to come out of depression, to the outside world always full of smiles with a deep sense of questioning their purpose in this life that they could trust no one to share such things.  Imagine if you know or don't know of someone hurting how By simply sharing my website would inspire them to use the tools I offer spreading to those they love.  
     My goal, to reach as many as I can through email, videos and more, to inspire and share tools, to put the healing in the best of hands..Yours.  
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