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Consumer? Please feel free to share my webite/link to a business you feel should be recognized for their integrity and customer service.  If they join under link below: Recieve a Free 1Hr Massage with Nanci 

Business owner? Join me by clicking link below to find out how to become a Happy Business.  Where other companies allow any and all comments, this company is the cutting edge to bringing honest business's to consumers as the middle man.  Being in buisness myself fo over 15years, as we all know personalies clash as well as those who want something for nothing, going far beyond to post negative about the business to satisfy their needs, and those people just need some joy in their life so thats why I am a member of the Happy Neighborhood project.  As someone calls in they are managed by a team of professionals to refer them to another business and possiblly give them some insight that maybe the business they are calling in on is not a bad business yet just not able to suite their needs at the time.  Not a good business, after further investigating they not have the privaledge of being a member and immediataly removed.  















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